Chémel Salon is a Zero Carbon Foot print salon & Green Circle Salon

Chémel Salon is a Zero Carbon Foot print salon & Green Circle Salon.

OI Travel Gift Set

For luxurious hair on the go. Featuring the same OI products you know and love, in a convenient mini size.

  • Travel-Sized OI Shampoo
  • Travel-Sized OI Conditioner
  • Travel-Sized OI Oil

Price: $43.00

OI Gift Set

For shiny and fragrant hair. Perfect for all hair types, offering silky, soft and voluminous strands.

  • OI Shampoo
  • OI Conditioner
  • OI Oil

Price: $96.00

NOUNOU + Liquid Spell Gift Set

For nourishment and rejuvenation.
Bring life, hydration, and a little magic to strands.


  • NOUNOU Shampoo
  • NOUNOU Conditioner
  • Liquid Spell


MINU + OI Milk Gift Set

For long-lasting luminous color and shine. Extend the life of your color, leaving strands vibrant and moisturized.

  • MINU Shampoo
  • MINU Conditioner
  • OI All in One Milk

Price: $80.00

Heart of Glass Gift Set

For illuminating blonde strands. Delivering the best care for blonde shades all while strengthening an illuminating.

  • Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo
  • Heart of Glass Rich Conditioner
  • Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze

Price: $84.00

Pasta & Love Gift Set

For elevated grooming. Perfect for those who desire a simple, yet pampering grooming routine.

  • Pasta & Love Hair Beard & Body Wash
  • Pasta & Love Softening Shave Gel
  • Pasta & Love After Shave & Moisturizing Cream

Price: $63.00

Holiday 2022 Gift Sets and Speciality Items are limited availability and WILL sell out. Call now to reserve your gift sets at 253-548-8910. Hurry, these kits are selling out fast!

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